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Hawaii to San Francisco

1976: Cruise with the Pacific Far East Lines
Eating well...

In an advertising trade-out between Oceans Magazine and Pacific Far East Lines, Tay and DKS returned nicely from Honolulu to San Francisco aboard the SS Monterey.

It was on August 13, 1970 that Matson Lines officially announced that they would terminate their passenger services and would sell both ships to the Pacific Far East Line (PFEL), with the official handover taking place on January 20, 1971. The SS Mariposa was handed over with a short ceremony in San Francisco the next day, January 21, followed when the Monterey was back in port on February 15, 1971, and now both ships were officially operating as full-fledged PFEL ships.

The Mariposa and Monterey continued their voyages across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia. Although the ships received no internal changes, except for their funnels, which received a new livery as the traditional Matson Line livery had to be replaced with a new PFEL one! They received a rather attractive dark blue colour with two golden bands and in between them was that now famed golden bear. Although many past passengers missed the much-loved historic Matson funnel, yet all agreed that her new funnel did look quite spectacular! Otherwise, nothing on board had changed, the same service as the high standard was maintained at all times!

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