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M/S Evanger

1963 - 1964

Circumnavigate South America






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M/S Evanger

Manager: Westfal Larsen & Co. A/S Bergen. Built at Bergens Mek.Verksted in Bergen, Norway. Launched March 25, 1955. IMO 5110020. 7,143 DWT tons. 4,984 gross tons. Sister ship: Nordanger. Renamed Ameta 1972 (Sverre Amundsen, Haugesund), under T/C as Concordia Ameta 1972-1978 (Christian Haaland, Haugesund). Sold to Germany in Febr. 1979 for breaking up.

12 Passengers.

One long blast from the ship's horn (actually from M/S Lofoten leaving port)

On Feb 2, 2015, at 9:05 AM, Rolf M. Jacobsen wrote:

Warren Taylor Vaughan!

This e-mail is just a shot in the blind. I found your name combined with the company Timestream.

My name is Rolf M. Jacobsen living on the west coast of Norway, Bergen. I worked as a Radio Officer on M/S Evanger for 2 and a half year, from February 1960 until June 1963. As I understand it, you must have signed on M/S Evanger the trip after I left the ship in San Pedro, Calif. I’m now 79 years old. I’m planning to write my memories from the years at sea, specially my favorite continent north and south America.

I just wanted to search for more information about the ship and Googled M/S Evanger, and there you showed up. You boarded the ship in Stockton, California. It was interesting to read about your adventures down in Callao and Buenos Aires. I knew a lot of the crew that you sailed with, including the Captain.

I just wanted you to know that I have read all your writings about Mexico, Buena Ventura etc. Also the problem you had with the Chief Engineer Mons Morland and Captain Alfred Kaldefoss.

Best regards from
Radio Officer M/S Evanger
Rolf M. Jacobsen

Click here to visit Rolf and Britt in Bergen, Norway (2015)