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Multimedia: Making It Work

Right time, right place.

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Since 1993, as many as 200,000 students and professionals have learned about computing and multimedia from this book -- in more than thirteen languages. Su libro es su boleto!

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Multimedia: Making It Work, by Vaughan, 5th Edition (ISBN: 0072190957)

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McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. Book Condition: Not Pretty. 5 w/CD. Paperback. CD-ROM Included. Some Staining / Loose Pages(Taped) / Writing / Wrinkling / Frayed Corners / Bent Cover. SKU:7274502. All orders shipped within 24 hours. 14 day money back guarantee. Bookseller Inventory #7274502.

...I absolutely love this book. I used it in a class but I enjoyed reading this even when class was over. It really goes into detail about some of the history and concepts of multimedia. I would buy this just to have for a great read and reference to many interesting facts. I highly recommend!!! (guitarplayer5025 on eBay, 10/03/06)