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The Good and the Bad

 Not surprising:
 Some people are better...
 and some are smarter

Don't you ever wonder who to believe in?
Don't you ever question what you know?
Or where to go?
Or when to say no?

Save me from the cowboys
and all their pretty horses.

Ellen Tipper
Appleton, Maine
[...from her album, Save Me, © 2007]

My dear brother, when will we build a raft
to float down the sky on?
Ingeborg Bachmann, The Game is Over

PEOPLE: How the very wealthy get to work.

Helicopter Route Over North Shore of Long Island Now Mandatory

August, 2012.

With over 15,000 helicopter operations a year, the Long Island New York area is of critical importance to the business aviation community.

On August 6, 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated that helicopter pilots flying to and from New York City and eastern Long Island must follow a route along the north shore of Long Island that tracks up to a mile offshore for much of the trip.

Under the new rule, pilots must follow a corridor that extends between North Hempstead and Glen Cove in western Long Island, and runs over Long Island Sound to eastern Long Island and the upscale Hamptons area. Pilots must fly at an altitude of at least 2,500 feet while over land and 3,000 feet during the offshore transit.

View the pilot training movie from the FAA:

From the pages of the Scary People Encyclopedia, Bishop Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow: