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Aboard the Tall Ship Sagres

San Francisco to Seattle, 1979

A 6-day voyage with twelve U.S. Navy Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, and BAMI students

More about the ship at:

An Exploration Northwest video was filmed in color in 1979, originally aired entitled as "NE SAGRES". The Portuguese NE SAGRES, sistership to the USCG EAGLE, sails from San Francisco to Seattle on a 6-day adventure. Built to train Hitler's navy, the SAGRES was captured by American Forces and purchased by Portugal. The SAGRES provides the setting to tell about the early tall ship explorations of the Pacific Coast and Puget Sound.

Here's an excerpt from the program, by narrator Don McCune:

"Taking to the shrouds, always on the weather side so the wind blows them into the rigging not off, the race is on to loose the sails. And swarming aloft, pounding feet shake the rigging as eager hands leap for the yards. Laying out over the yard and balanced on the flailing foot-rope, 30 men take to the mast. Cape Horners considered this safer than working on a wave-washed deck, but to a young cadet fighting rain-sodden canvas 150 feet in the air, it's both a purgatory and a proving ground." Documentary available for purchase at

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