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Note: Oceans was published five, then six times a year, originally by Trident Publishers, Inc, of San Diego, later by the Oceanic Society, finally by Oceans Magazine Limited Partnership for the Oceanic Society. Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1969) to Volume 21, Number 6 (November 1988).

Safety in Numbers

Multihull Seamanship. By Michael McMullen. Forward by Robin Knox- Johnston. New York: David McKay Company, Inc. 1976. 200 pp. $12.50.

Reviewed in Oceans Magazine
By Tay Vaughan

Michael McMullen must now be added to that small list of competent authors who have successfully imparted practical meaning to the concept of seamanship. His thorough treatment of the management of ocean sailing multihulls under all conditions of sea and weather, with his overriding concern for safety. is indeed basic reading for all serious multihull sailors. Moreover, the many comparative references to monohull construction and handling are blended into a fine state-of-the-art message of interest to all yachtsmen, be they racers, cruisers, monohullers, or multihullers.... This book is not a shallow overview but rather an important reference source book.