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An Atari Testimonial

Our experience with the ATARI Computer has been a revelation. It is extremely easy to use -- we've discovered we have a tremendous amount of power. We treat the ATARI Computer like an appliance or shop tool. It came in a box -- we easily hooked up the disk drive, an interface module, and a printer, and it worked.

We've had no mechanical problems with one exception which was our own fault. One of our apprentices was playing Star Raiders and got so excited he fell off his chair onto the ATARI 825 Printer. It dropped to the floor, spilling ribbon and parts all over the place.

We took it to the ATARI Computer Service Center just like you would take your toaster or blender to an appliance center. They had it fixed in about ten minutes and gave it back to us. It doesn't require a fancy maintenance contract or a software support system. It's a tool like the tools we have in our boat repair shop.

...Tay Vaughan, The Bay Area Marine Institute. 1982.

An Atari Advertisement

From the Atari Catalog, 1983

"What used to take 4 hours, now takes 30 minutes."

- Tay Vaughan, Marine surveyor

Tay Vaughan is often found aboard leaky boats. As an independent marine surveyor, he evaluates construction methods, seaworthiness, and operating safety for various clients.

At college, Tay realized computer literacy was necessary, so he taught himself programming. Today his ATARI Home Computer saves time and provides greater accuracy. "I use my computer to analyze shipwrecks, collisions, and repair costs," he remarks. "Being able to generate thorough and consistently reliable reports makes a tremendous difference, particularly in legal cases where I am called as an expert witness. It 's become a vital tool." And there's more time to devote to really important things ... like sailing!