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Appleton, Maine

Beyond Hope.

Tay Vaughan was elected a "Selectman, Assessor, and Overseer of the Poor" by this town in 2004. As "The Honorable" Taylor Vaughan, he worked with town officials for two miserable and unproductive years before resigning. A number of these locals have remained in their offices for decades.

["Beyond Hope" is a turn of words spoken by locals, often with a wry grimace: Driving about ten miles to Appleton from Camden westward on Maine Route 105, travelers must pass through the town of Hope before reaching their destination...]

Detailed Street Map of Appleton, Maine (PDF 1.4MB, 2004-2007 by Tay Vaughan)

Snowmobile Trail Map of Appleton, Maine (PDF 200KB, 2000-2011 by Tay Vaughan)

Unofficial Town of Appleton Website (2005-2006 by Tay Vaughan)

Official Town of Appleton Website (2007 Generic)

Village Soup: Local in-depth news on-line

Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library

Appleton Village School

Camden Hills Regional High School

US Airways Express: Closest airport Owls Head/Rockland (RKD)

Camden Snow Bowl: 6 miles to chair lift and ski slopes

Union Area Chamber of Commerce

Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce: 13.2 miles to the ocean

Rockland -Thomaston Area Chamber of Commerce

Thompson Community Center

Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library, Appleton. Board of Trustees Meeting, Winter, 2007.

From a special meeting to consider construction of house on unpermitted lot. June 9, 2009. Visit the Bangor Daily News for more...