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The Cemeteries of Appleton, Maine

The compilation of names of persons buried in Appleton's cemeteries is a project of Carlene Farr (Meservey) and is a work in progress. Mrs. Farr may be contacted by telephone at 207-772-0993. Isolated gravesites are listed separately.

Clark cemetery is located on the north side of Route 105 in the direction of Burkettville, westward of Appleton Ridge Road.

Hart Cemetery is located on the east side of Appleton Ridge Road just north of Pease Corner, in a pasture nearly opposite the first house on the left side of the road when turning northward off of Route 105 onto Appleton Ridge Road. More

Miller Cemetery is located northwestward of Burkettville. The access road, called Miller Cemetary Road, turns east off Collins Town Road about 1/4 mile north of Route 105.

Pine Grove Cemetery, Appleton's largest, is located on a hill behind the town office and fire station.

Quaker Cemetery is located on the west side of East Sennebec Road about 1/2 mile from the town office.

Sprague/Pitman Cemetery on the Appleton Ridge is located along the west side of Appleton Ridge Road between Town Hill Road and Pitman Corner.

Weymouth Cemetery is located in West Appleton on West Appleton Road between Lower Road and Cedar Lane.