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Photo Albums - Appleton, Maine

Collections of photographs in and around Appleton...
Appleton circa 1850
Five photographs of Appleton Village Center (also known as McLain's Mills, where the St. George River crosses Sennebec Road near Route 131) taken by J. Henry Allen of Thomaston and F.W. Cunningham of South Liberty. These images were originally stereoscopic views designed to be inserted into a stereopticon. Gifted with a stereopticon in 1975 to the Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library by Mrs. Leon Morang Faxon of Liberty, these images show the landmark Union Meeting House, Appleton's Baptist Church, McLean's Mill, and many dwellings.

Photographs of most of the houses in Appleton...
Houses circa 1978
A photo survey of the dwellings of Appleton containing 385 images.

Edith H. Gushee Photographs of Appleton...
Edith H. Gushee Photographs circa 1900
Edith H. Gushee, daughter of Dr. Frank Gushee and Frances Bickford Gushee, was born in Appleton in 1879 and died there in 1916. She went to Appleton schools and to Castine Normal School. She taught in various Maine and Mass schools. When she was told she had diabetes, which was then incurable, she came home to die in the Gushee Homestead in 1914. She pursued her long time hobby of photography and started one of the very early Campfire groups. These old glass negatives show her love of the area around her home, then called McLain's Mills, and of the family and the house built by her grandfather Alwood Gushee, Jr. and now owned (in 1984) by the Spenser Knowlton family. (From Marie Hammond's note, Sept. 3, 1984.)

Photographs of School Classes in Appleton...
School Classes
A collection of old negatives sent by Robert Fuller. An image of the last class to graduate from the old school (now the Town Hall) in Appleton in June, 1983.