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I lie down beside her and start kissing her again. I slowly move over to her neck where I start giving her butterfly kisses and she starts to moan. My hands start to roam over her chest and I find a nipple and give it a pinch. I stop the kissing and crawl off the bed and hold out my hand for her she takes my hand and I help her up.

As she stands before me I look into her eyes while I start unbuttoning her blouse. Once I get her blouse opened I slide it off her shoulders, and for the first time, look away from the hunger in her eyes and look at her breast. With Kim being almost a foot taller than me her breast is almost at eye level; I reach around her and unsnap her bra which quickly joins her blouse on the floor. I just stare at her breast for a minute, her breast is smaller than my own but looks so much firmer than mine.

I cannot resist any longer and reach out and touch another woman's breast and nipples for the first time, and I really enjoy the feel of them. They are so much firmer than mine and I just have to taste them, I lean forward and start to kiss around her areole avoiding her nipples. She moans and begs me to quite teasing her and suck on her nipple. I do as she asks and take one of her nipples into my mouth and worship it, after all who am I to deny this goddess before me, then I move to the other nipple. I have sucked David's nipples and I can make him moan, but this is completely different than anything before. Her breast may be smaller than mine but her nipples are larger and more prominent than my own. While I suck her nipples, I hear her moan even louder and start to squirm. I take a nipple between my teeth and gently bite down. This sends Kim over the edge she starts to shake and collapses onto the edge of the bed, dragging me with her.

That was then. Now the chemicals are depleted. Lust is gone from my wrinkled face. I am empty.