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He leaned in and kissed her long and leisurely, breathing in her breath, and tasting her lips as he caressed her back. After a long moment of enjoying himself, he slipped one hand under her pajama shirt and used his fingertips to trace the small curve at the base of her spine. He knew she liked that, and she rewarded him by pressing her fingers into his back to lightly massage him. His lips disengaged from hers and moved quickly down into the crook of her neck where he began to nuzzle and nip at the sensitive skin there.

She cooed, tipping her head a little to one side for him. He trailed the tip of his tongue lightly across her neck, feeling the tiny hairs there perk up. She sighed softly, holding him tightly. He slowly slid his hands down and cupped her butt in his hands, squeezing and pulling her closer.

She moaned and moved one hand up into his hair, tangling her fingers there. She pulled his head back so she could kiss him hard on the lips.

That was then. Now the chemicals are depleted. Lust is gone from my wrinkled face. I feel empty.