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Oh My God...when Jenkins softly massaged and rubbed my shoulders, he made me melt away. I forgot all about where and who and what. He had magic fingers or if not it sure felt like he did anyway.

Before I realized it my nipples were as hard as pencil erasers and moisture raged between my legs.

Then I felt another set of hands on my feet gently digging their thumbs in my soles and stretching my toes. Then I felt another set of hands, the fingers kneed on my upper legs. Oh shit, I thought, I'm in my dream world? I completely forgot all about my surroundings and my inhibitions.

I felt my blouse being unbuttoned and I thought no, but I couldn't or didn't want to stop it. So instead I lifted my shoulders and arms to allow my blouse to be taken off of me.

I was now able to focus for a little and saw that I had five men's full attention at the moment all focused on me.

My dream was coming true.

As the massaging continued Hawthorne stood beside me and leaned down to unbutton and unzip my pants. When he started to pull them down, I wiggled my butt to help him. When they puddled around my ankles I helpfully raised my feet so he could get them all the way off.

Standing there in my bra and panties, I blushed crimson but didn't want the hands to stop. Then Miller reached around my back, unhooked my bra and when he pulled the straps from my shoulders I slumped forward allowing my bra to slide down my arms and fall to the floor.

My perfect breasts with their delectable dusky-rose nipples now revealed, I stood there posing topless.

Moaning low in his throat, Jenkins walked up behind me, reached around my chest and started playing with my breasts and tweaking my erect nipples. "Good Wendy," Jenkins murmured huskily, "Now let's get those panties off." Then he grabbed the sides of my panties and slid them down my legs. Again I helpfully lifted my feet so he could get them completely off. I stood before these men completely nude.

That was then. Now the chemicals are depleted. Lust is gone from my wrinkled face. I feel empty.