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Unfinished: The Timeline is being slowly built
from many shoe-boxes and files of stuff...

Born in Boston, Massachusetts. [LINK story about birth certificate lookup]


Tay on the water.


Weston - Lexington St.

Tay and Chris

Tay and Chris

Tay on swing/ In driveway..


Weston - Lexington St. 1st Grade start

Weston - Lexington St. 1st Grade start

School Picture


Three boys at a farm in Lincoln

School picture


Tay painting house at School St.

Tay painting house at School St.

Graduate from GDA in May. Summer job at Wyoming State Hospital. [LINK]


Freshman year at Oberlin College [LINK]. Motorcycles and meningitis.

Year off from Oberlin college. Sailed on the Norwegian freighter M/S Evanger [LINK] as Engine Boy, then as Deck Boy. Circumnavigated South America via the Straits of Magellan and Panama Canal as working crewmember aboard this 7,143 DWT break-bulk cargo ship.

Sophomore year at Oberlin College [LINK].


Year off from college. Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Darmstadt, West Germany. Woodwork Shop and Distribution [LINK]. Institute für Europaische Studien, Vienna. Counted and married Dagmar Heinze on 31 August, 1966, in Dieburg, Germany [LINK]. Honeymoon on the Cunard Lines ship Carmania, Le Havre to Montreal [LINK]. Greyhound bus through Trout River Junction, NY, to Rochester. Visit John Vaughan relatives overnight [LINK].

Junior year at Oberlin College as a married student [LINK]. Self-learned computer programming (Fortran, on an IBM 360-44) during spring break.

Bought a V-8 Ford Fairlane in Elyria, and we drove to California for a short summer visit with Dad and Clarice in San Mateo. Drove back to Oberlin along a northern route, angling through many Indian reservations and delightfully passing near enough to Dagmar, Montana, to see a highway sign pointing in that direction. Then to the Trans-Canada (Queen's Highway) through Medicine Hat, Winnipeg, and Thunder Bay, to Sault Ste. Marie, with a southbound crossing of the 26,372 foot long Mackinac suspension bridge connecting upper and lower Michigan in the USA. It was somewhere around Piapot, Canada, I think, that Dagmar and I were treated to an act of genuine kindness.

Senior Year at Oberlin. [LINK].

First year of graduate school, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) [LINK]. Scientific Analysis Corporation, San Francisco. As chief methodologist, designed and directed an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of the rendition of welfare services under contract to the California State Legislature. Prepared final report. Academic grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: contract systems analyst and programmer charged with the management of data acquisition and statistical processing for a national study on ageing. Lived with Dagmar on Hugo Street in San Francisco [LINK].

Moved to Dogwood Road on the Bolinas mesa [LINK]. Commuted to UCSF campus along Highway 1. Worked for Language Services Inc., Santa Rosa, CA. Translated with Dagmar from German to English a series of Swiss patents having to do with ballistic guidance systems. Prepared documentation and correct language for the U.S. Patent Office.


Hired by Standard Oil Company, Richmond, CA in January, 1971, paid as a "special consultant in community relations" -- organized and managed segment of cleanup operations along the ocean shoreline in Marin County, CA, following the collision of the tankers Arizona and the Nevada in the Golden Gate, which caused the San Francisco oil spill disaster [LINK to photo of Dagmar and hovercraft].


Quit graduate school in the spring of 1972. Built 31-foot ocean-going trimaran sailboat INVOCATION TO THE GREAT BEAR in Bolinas [LINK]. Worked as apprentice to Art Carpenter (Espenet) learning cabinet making [LINK]. Launched GREAT BEAR into Bolinas Lagoon [LINK]. Sailed from San Francisco to Newport, Rhode Island, via Panama, hence to New Orleans.

Driscoll Custom Boats [LINK], San Diego, California. Chief Master Carpenter. Major responsibilities in the rebuilding of the 12-meter yacht INTREPID for the 1974 America's Cup races. Participated in the 1974 America's Cup races [LINK].

Charles F. Chapman School of Seamanship, Stuart, Florida. Dean of the School. Prepared curricula and taught navigation skills. [LINK].

The Oceanic Society, San Francisco. Western Regional Director. Managed the west coast operations of anational membership organization dedicated to education, conservation, and research. Duties included partial administrative oversight of Oceans Magazine, circulation approx. 70,000. Developed grant and contract applications, documents, and final reports.

International Marine Surveyors, Inc. San Francisco. Principal Surveyor. Prepared condition and valuation surveys for vessels of less than 100 tons. Prepared engineering analyses, reports and documentation.

Bay Area Marine Institute, San Francisco. Founder and President. Directed the day-to-day operation of a maritime training school. Developed long-range planning strategies. Prepared grant and contractapplications and documentation and provided management and educational oversight. Co-founded Floating Point, a computer applications newsletter for naval architects and marine industry professionals.Taught.

Independent Marine Surveyor & Consultant. Provided experienced opinion regarding vessel safety,condition, and value for underwriters, lending institutions and private parties. As an expert witness, prepared technical material and written presentations for law cases. As a Coast Guard licensed captain, piloted vessels offshore.

Consumer Guide, Skokie, IL. Technical Editor (contract). Edited and wrote original text for The Best of Atari Software. Antic Magazine, San Francisco. Senior Editor. Prepared original material and copy-edited the work ofoutside authors for a monthly microcomputer magazine (circulation approx. 110,000).
Atari Inc., Sunnyvale, California. Senior Technical Editor. Prepared original computer programs andeditorial material for The Atari Connection, a microcomputer magazine (circulation approx. 100,000). Final technical edit and pre-publication review of a 200-page computer applications user's manual (Atari Microsoft Basic II).

Applied Dynamics, Inc., San Francisco. Senior Scientist. Troubleshoot facility and production yield problems in the semiconductor industry. Engineer solutions to mitigate influence of vibration. Involved in the design of clean rooms, deionized water systems, HVAC concepts, and instrumented wafer fabrication lines.

Poem for Christmas, 1985

New paths open before me as I step into the future.

Paths which have merged in a forest glen, and the shadows grow long.

But I see a light and I hear a sound and will, like my sister, journey forward.

Risky I thought, but I took a chance too, and the shadows have melted away.

I have been there before in the backwards; but forward is clear and I know the light well. And I pilot a course safe and sure.

It was I who landscaped the valley and built the paths with help from family and kin. Was I created the thought and the light, the notion of forward and back.

And is I who today welcomes your light to this house and who celebrates with you, all my family, the brightness and grace of the paths not yet chosen. And who wishes you all the very spice of success in the year and the years to come.

Attachment: A Christmas Letter 1986

Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA. Contract multimedia instructional designer and programmer.

Attachment: A Note to Roland Cuny 1987

Mardi Gras. Sailing.

The HyperMedia Group, Inc. a California Corporation, Emeryville, CA. Founder and Senior Partner. Designed and developed custom software applications for multimedia platforms which included digitizedaudio, color and black & white animated graphics, and integrated television video. Produced large multimedia corporate information systems. Produced custom demonstration software for trade show and public distribution.

Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Interactive Telecommunications Program,Helsinki, Finland. Visiting Professor. Taught graduate course "Introduction to Multimedia Production" during three consecutive summers.

Timestream® Multimedia, Appleton, Maine. President. Develop and market multimedia tools, content, and titles forCD-ROM and the Internet ( Rockport College/MainePhotographicWorkshops, Rockport, Maine. Faculty. Teach special courses in computer and multimediaskills. Develop county-wide cartographic road maps.

Appleton kitchen with Hannah

Chopping wood on Appleton farm


From a Christmas Letter:

Lizzie made the honor roll her first term at Camden Hills Regional High School - no small feat as she adjusts to the demands of secondary schooling and learns to budget her time. Already, the comfortable wrappings of her childhood are molting away as she accepts more and more responsibility and broadens her horizons. She has become a sure-footed and self-reliant young lady, and in Appleton continues with her violin, voice, and piano lessons and with her battles with algebra. At fourteen, she drives the stick-shift 4-wheel-drive Subaru "skidder" I built for woodcutting in the forest, drives it like a pro, though she has yet to understand the greasier mechanicking part (like changing a tire or checking oil). Seems she's often joy-riding but is occasionally unluckily faultless like when the battery runs dead or the water pump quits, times when she and her friends trek back across our 26 acres in the dark to get Dad (oh, oh!). She's a faultless driver, except for the vestigial right and left rear view mirrors, that is, but such broken trifles are consumable within the cost of a girl's education. She's become quite adept and worthy as she transitions into grown-up life!

Karen and I were divorced this year. During the summer of 2000 I quite accidentally discovered secret non-accidental things about Karen that were of such spectacular enormity and span that, even after attempting to work them through in counseling and with a lot of heart-to-heart talks with my friends and trying to understand this complex \'93thing\'94 for half a year, I could not find a way to continue what was then left of the marriage. It has been a very bitter time since February, 2001, while the lawyers fought it out in a no-fault court system where legal guilt is not the same as moral guilt. In the end, I was awarded the home, office, and property; Karen has taken a job at a local bank and has moved to an apartment on the seacoast. Lizzie transits between these places as she chooses. The whole thing was like falling on an icy sidewalk: one moment you are vertical and in balance, then in a split second you are sprawled flat while you listen to the riot of pain and attempt to separate serious broken bones from equally painful bruises and skinned knees. The accident is fast and powerful, and getting on one's feet again is not trivial...

I wrote a new fifth edition of my book about multimedia which was published this summer by Osborne/McGraw-Hill along with a companion 200+ page teaching manual. This edition is aimed more into education channels and is selling quite well; I am counting on it to help get me through a financially tough two or three years while my life settles into new patterns post divorce. A dozen or so clients in Maine and elsewhere are keeping me busy as a consultant in the multimedia and Internet arena.

Fixing up the farm began as a two-year project, it metamorphosed into a ten-year project, and now it has become a forever project. On the bright side, after three years, the living spaces are tight, the infrastructure of water, electricity, and heat is in place, and this 200-year-old farm has become comfortable and safe. Now each new project can be isolated and treated as non-critical: the sauna is ready for electrical wiring and interior walls; the center posts of the barn need nine inches of jacking up; the ceiling in the cow stalls is collapsing and must be demolished and taken out to the burn pile; the upstairs bathroom could use a shower - but no single task is pressing. There are a lot of construction and renovation pictures linked from for those of you interested in details.

The guest quarters are finished and ready for your visit. Winter-wise, we have a chairlift about ten minutes drive and plenty of cross-country skiing, the snowmobile is tuned up, and there are snowshoes in the garage. Summer-wise, check out the beaver dams on our river, take out the canoe or sail on Penobscot Bay, and visit nearby Acadia National Park\'85 We'd love to see you here!

Until then, I wish you the very best for the new year!