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Last Updated: February, 2011

Resumé of Tay Vaughan


1998 to 2011
Timestream®, Appleton, Maine. President. Develop and market multimedia tools, content, and titles for CD-ROM and the Internet ( Rockport College/Maine PhotographicWorkshops, Rockport, Maine. Faculty. Teach special courses in computer and multimedia skills.

1996 to 1998
Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Helsinki, Finland. Visiting Professor. Taught graduate course "Introduction to Multimedia Production" during three consecutive summers.

1988- 1992
The HyperMedia Group, Inc. a California Corporation, Emeryville, CA. Founder and Senior Partner. Designed and developed custom software applications for multimedia platforms which included digitized audio, color and black & white animated graphics, and integrated television video. Produced large multimedia corporate information systems. Produced custom demonstration software for trade show and public distribution.

Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA. Contract multimedia instructional designer and programmer.

Key Thinkers, Inc., a California corporation, Oakland. President and CEO. Design and engineer hardware,software, and robotic systems for high-technology environments. Developed a robot and analysis software for scanning HEPA filters in hazardous environments (radiation, chemical, and biohazard). Developed 18 real estate and insurance programs bundled with a NEC laptop computer.

Applied Dynamics, Inc., San Francisco. Senior Scientist. Troubleshoot facility and production yield problems in the semiconductor industry. Engineer solutions to mitigate influence of vibration. Involved in the design of clean rooms, deionized water systems, HVAC concepts, and instrumented wafer fabrication lines.

Consumer Guide, Skokie, IL. Technical Editor (contract). Edited and wrote original text for The Best of Atari Software.
Antic Magazine, San Francisco. Senior Editor. Prepared original material and copy-edited the work ofoutside authors for a monthly microcomputer magazine (circulation approx. 110,000).
Atari Inc., Sunnyvale, California. Senior Technical Editor. Prepared original computer programs andeditorial material for The Atari Connection, a microcomputer magazine (circulation approx. 100,000). Final technical edit and pre-publication review of a 200-page computer applications user's manual (Atari Microsoft Basic II).

Independent Marine Surveyor & Consultant. Provided experienced opinion regarding vessel safety,condition, and value for underwriters, lending institutions and private parties. As an expert witness, prepared technical material and written presentations for law cases. As a Coast Guard licensed captain, piloted vessels offshore.

Bay Area Marine Institute, San Francisco. Founder and President. Directed the day-to-day operation of a maritime training school. Developed long-range planning strategies. Prepared grant and contractapplications and documentation and provided management and educational oversight.
Co-founded Floating Point, a computer applications newsletter for naval architects and marine industry professionals.Taught.

International Marine Surveyors, Inc. San Francisco. Principal Surveyor. Prepared condition and valuation surveys for vessels of less than 100 tons. Prepared engineering analyses, reports, and documentation.

The Oceanic Society, San Francisco. Western Regional Director. Managed the west coast operations of anational membership organization dedicated to education, conservation, and research. Duties included partial administrative oversight of Oceans Magazine, circulation approx. 70,000. Developed grant and contract applications, documents, and final reports.

1975 Charles F. Chapman School of Seamanship, Stuart, Florida. Dean of the School. Prepared curricula and taught navigation skills.

Driscoll Custom Boats, San Diego, California. Chief Master Carpenter. Major responsibilities in the rebuilding of the 12-meter yacht INTREPID for the 1974 America's Cup races.

Built 31-foot ocean-going sailboat GREAT BEAR. Sailed from San Francisco to Newport, Rhode Island, via Panama, hence to New Orleans. Participated in the 1974 America's Cup races.

Language Services Inc., Santa Rosa, CA. Translated from German to English a series of Swiss patentshaving to do with ballistic guidance systems. Prepared documentation and correct language for the U.S. Patent Office.
Standard Oil Company, Richmond, CA. Special consultant in community relations. Organized andmanaged segment of cleanup operations in Marin County, CA, following San Francisco oil spill disaster.

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Contract systems analyst and programmercharged with the management of data acquisition and statistical processing for a national study on ageing. Scientific Analysis Corporation, San Francisco. As chief methodologist, designed and directed an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of the rendition of welfare services under contract to the California State Legislature. Prepared final report.

Stars and Stripes Newspaper, Darmstadt, West Germany. Woodwork Shop and Distribution.

M.S. Evanger. Ordinary Seaman. Circumnavigated South America via the Straits of Magellan as working crewmember of 10,000 ton break-bulk cargo ship.

Byline Publications:

Multimedia: Making it Work-Osborne/McGraw-Hill (~600pp.) 8 Editions (1992-2012)

Using HyperCard: From Home to HyperTalk-Que/MacMillan (750pp., 1988)

"Birthing Microchips"-Digital Deli

The Best of Atari Software-Consumer Guide, Technical Editor

"Bits and Pieces"-Atari Connection

"The Success of DataSoft"-Antic

"The Incredible Launch of the Great Bear"-Multihull Sailing

"From West to East by VHF"-Cruising World

"A Tale of Two Sisters: Carvel vs. Cold Molding"-Wooden Boat

"AutoYacht"-Cad World (Contributing Editor, 1989)

"Automated Scanning of HEPA Filters"-Institute of Environmental Science

"Marine Insurance and the Small Craft Surveyor"-U.S. Coast Guard, 12th District 1978 Boating Safety Seminar

"Regulation in Recreational Boating"-California Maritime Academy, Sixth Annual Maritime IndustrySymposium

"National Apprenticeship Standards for Marine Services Technicians"-U.S. Department of Labor

Software Title Authorship: SUPERSHOPPER, SHIPS IN THE NIGHT, FLAGS, THE BOATYARD, REAL ESTATE PROFIT CALCULATOR, SECRETS, ADVANCED ANIMATION TUTORIAL, and other programs and web sites for microcomputer users.

Contirbuting Editor/ Monthly Columnist: New Media Magazine; Morph's Outpost


1958-62. Governor Dummer Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts

1962-68. Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. A.B., Department of Anthropology and Sociology, with honors. Minor in sculpture.

1966. Institute for European Studies, University of Vienna, Austria.

1968-71. University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. PhD Program in Medical Sociology (3 years, DNF).

1970. Graduate fellowship in Human Development, National Institute of Health.


Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (1983)

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (1976)

American Society of Naval Engineers (1975, Journal Committee, 1990)

American Boat and Yacht Council (1976, Electrical Standards Committee)

Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (1986)

United States Rowing Association (1993, Judge/Referee)

Computer Press Association (Founder, Elected Honorary Lifetime Member in 1987)

Other Information:

Languages: German, Fortran, HyperTalk, SuperTalk, openScript,
Lingo, Basic, HTML, CSS

California State Teacher's Approval, Postsecondary Technical

Licensed U.S. Merchant Marine Officer: Master, Near Coastal Steam, Motor, or Sail, 100 tons

Private Pilot Airman's Certificate, single engine land

U.S. Patent No. 4227246, "Multi-parameter Measurement System for Fluids"

Cello player

Public Speaking:

Panelist, speaker, and moderator at technical conferences in computing including MacWorld (since 1988),West Coast Computer Faire, Multimedia Expo, Media ‘92, IICS, New Media in the 90’s, Kodak Photo CDDevelopers Conference, and other venues in North America and abroad. See Presentations.

Software Projects:

As Senior Partner of The HyperMedia Group and as President of Timestream, Inc., Tay Vaughan participated in the design and program implementation of many multimedia applications and projects. As President of Key Thinkers, Inc., Tay Vaughan oversaw and contributed code to the development of acomprehensive series of eighteen real estate and insurance programs written under contract to NEC Home Electronics (U.S.A.). He has also led projects involving the creation of special telecommunication terminal emulation programs. He created original algorithms and coded the control software for a robotic scanning device to inspect High Efficiency Particulate Air filters used in nuclear research facilities, in virology laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing clean rooms. including:

Apple Computer, Inc.: SmartStack™, Developer Sampler CD-ROM, Support Navigator™ CD-ROM, Macintosh Portable In-Store Demo

Telcom News™

Apple TV®: Video Illustrator, PowerCD, Photo CD

Attorney's Briefcase, Inc.: Family Law Reference System

Electric Power Research Institute: Image Library VideoDisc Resource, Air Quality Control Demo, Electrostatic Precipitator Guidelines

Electronic Catalog Corporation: DisplayNet® CD-ROM Catalog

Fluor Daniel Corporation: Executive Decision Tool Construction, Bid proposal to American Airlines

Lotus: Animated Product Tours (1-2-3, others)

Microsoft Corporation: Multimedia PC Demonstration

Mountain Travel/Sobek: The Adventure Disc

Novell: NetWare for Mac Demonstration

Osborne/McGraw-Hill: The Catalog CD

Sun Microsystems: Network Demonstration (TOPS Division), Solaris 2.0 Demo (CD-ROM for SPARC stations)

Texas Utilities Company: Interactive Corporate Decision Database(Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant)

Varian Associates: Oncologic Database for Radiation Therapy

High Technology Projects:

As Senior Scientist for Applied Dynamics, Inc. and ACI Engineering Consultants, Inc., and as President of KTI Corporation, Tay Vaughan participated in the following projects which involved consultation in process, mass flow, electro-optics, photolithography, vibration and acoustical design, and system approaches to facility architecture and construction in technically sophisticated industries and applications:

   Facility Rehabilitation, Sunnyvale, California

   MOS-8, Data Acquisition, Austin, Texas
   Data Acquisition, East Kilbride, Scotland
   Facility Design, Hong Kong
   Facility Design, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   Geotechnical Site Analysis, Sendai, Japan

   CMOS, Wafer Fab Design, South Portland, Maine

   QC Robot and Software Design, Washington, North Carolina

   High Tech Center Facility Design, Orlando, Florida

   Altamount Pass, California

   Facility Security Design, Livermore, California

   Special Process Laboratories

   Facility Design, Migdal H'amek, Israel

   Acoustical/Mechanical Diagnostics, Sunnyvale, California

   Geotechnical Data Acquisition, East Hartford, Connecticut