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Weston Little League, 1957

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Back Row: David Gardella, Frank Gustie, Kenny Walker, Terry Graves, David McLeod, Mark Petri, Jeff Whitmore, Peter Revotskie, Jaye Viles, Warren Vaughan, Kenny West, Jeff Hubbard, Danny Holmes.
Middle Row: Wayne Osmond, Jim Nicolls, Bob Miller Chris Vaughan, Chad Hetherington, Larry O'Connell John Trowbridge, Paul Herrick, Roger Wharton, Alex Palmer, Bobby Bradley, Joel Sabean.
Front Row: George McNeil, Bob Lazzari, Bob Millen, Buddy Brown, Randy Byrnes.


June 27, 1957
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AmericansWin 3-1 In All-Star Final

WESTON - In the all-star game between the "American" and "National" leagues, the grand finale of the Little League season on June 21, the Americans won, 3 to I, behind the steady pitching of Warren Vaughan and Jeff Hubbard.

Bobby Lazzari drove in all the runs for the winners, scoring Revotskie, Holmes and Gardella. The single run for the losers was scored by J. Viles in the last inning.

MacLeod and Hetherington pitched for the Nationals. Kenny Walker of the losers provided the fielding feature, a catch in left field off Jeff Hubbard.

After the game, the portable outfield fence was taken down for another year. This fence, a four-foot plywood affair, was constructed and put up by local business men and interested citizens.

Phillies Win Little League Title By Beating White Sox

WESTON - The Weston Little League wound up its fifth Year on its biggest, best and most exciting, with a 9 to 6 victory by the Philles over the White Sox at Brook Field, June 21, for the playoff championship.

The final was featured by heavy hitting and heavy emotion. At one point, as an argument developed, the field had to be cleared.

Dave MacLeod pitched and batted well for the winners. Chuck Schuerhoff, Phillies left fielder, made a sensational catch, and doubled with the bases loaded.

Bob Miller, Phillies, knocked in two runs with a double. Robert Wharton, Phillies, first man up in the ball game, hit a home run over the fence, the only homer of the three-game series.

For the losers, John Trowbridge had three hits in a row.

The playoffs began June 18, when the White Sox beat the Cards, 6 to 3. Warren Vaughan pitched for the White Sox and Wayne Osmond, Cards' center fielder, made an impressive catch.