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Slant 38

Governor Dummer Academy
One Elm Street
Byfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
508-465-1763 Voice
508-462-1278 Fax

Vaughan finds an opening...


               Saturday, October 21, 1961 at 2:30

          GOVERNOR DUMMER                    MILTON

Coaches:  Mr. Wllllam R. Sperry    Coaches:  Mr. Herbert Stokinger
          Mr. Robert E. Anderson             Mr. Arthur S. Hall
          Mr. Robert H. Linberg              Mr. George Owen, Jr.
          Mr. John D. Marr                   Mr. Richard T. Marr

Managers: Steve Blair              Manager:  Duncan Sylvester
                                             John Huntingdon
                                             Scott Surrey

                   Probable Starting Line-Up

86  Dave Hilgendorff           LE       Robert Rugo           85
78  Bob Cate                   LT       Charles Deknatel      72
61  Burke Leahey               LG       Dudley Ladd           63
54  Tim McNally                C        Cameron Clark         58
66  Colin Studds, Co-Captain   RG       David Alger           67
75  Ben Jameson                RT       Tack Chase            78
88  Pete Flaherty, Co-Captain  RE       Edward Brewer         82
14  Jeff Ellis                 PB       Harley Laing          27
44  Warren Vaughan            LHB       Eben Clarke, Captain  46
22  Tom Maier                 RHB       Peter Farnum          16
32  Darrell Hamric             FB       William Brewster      36


13  John                                 Albert Pope          15
21  Ed Kleven                            Standish Van Voorhis 17
25  Lew Gibbons                          Jeffrey Rose         25
ZY  Peter Buck                           Chip Vincent         28
30  Mike Kotarski                        Edward Guild         35
35  Bob Wise                             Edward Bassett       37
37  Cam Barr                             Andrew Walker        38
40  Dents Golden                         David Sargent        45
42  Pete Dolce                           Robert Straus        47
47  Terry Golden                         Philip Chase         48
51  Marc Bliss                           Timothy Brooks       56
55  Jim O'Dea                            C. P. Rowland        57
56  John Davagian                        John Russell         61
62  Dave Butler                          Arthur Chute         64
63  Gar Randall                          Edward Brown         65
64  Bob Culver                           William Mixter       71
65  Russ Brown                           James Pappas         73
67  Dave Faxon                           Henry Beyer          77
68  John Steele                          Robert Faxon         81
71  Spike Mitchell                       Alan Whitman         83
74  Steve Barkin                         John Macomber        86
77  Tim Moriarty                         David Taylor         87
79  Chad Smith                           Benjamin Wellington  88
81  Bill Lawrence
82  Forbes Farmer
87  Bob Segel

There will be an informal reception in the Phillips Building
immediately after the game for all Governor Dummer students,
their parents, friends, and neighbors.

There will be a special reception in the Frost Building
immediately after the game for Milton students,
their parents, and friends.


Since we found it necessary to change many of the plays slightly last year, this year there will not be any complete explanation of all backfield actions in this book This section is primarily concerned with stance and position of the backs at various times during the execution of a few plays Any timing problems in the action and the actual footwork of the action are better learned during the first week of practice!

I. Stance

A. Wingback--#2 Back(Buck, Fenn, Maier, Kotarski)

In the tight position you will line up just outside the RE, close enough to touch his rump with your left hand. Use a 3 point stance with right hand down and right foot slightly back. Face in at an angle of 45 degrees, so that you threaten to block in on the man playing the end, to start in motion for a reverse, or to move dtraight downfield on a pass play. You may do any one of these things, but you will be in motion on 46 Counter, 47 Dive, 38 Slant, and 39 Slant Option--if you are taking the tight position.

Position #2--in the Wide position you will be standing up about 10-12 yards wide of the RE. Make sure that you are 2 yards behind the line of scrimage Face in at a 45 degree angle and be ready to move on the snapping count. You are the primary pass receiver, so practice catching passes all you can before coming back.

B. Fullback--#3 Back (Blair, Hambric, Vaughan, Kotarski, Barr)

Line up directly behind the QB and Center in a 3 point stance with your head about 3-3 1/2 yards behind the ball. Left or right hand down, either foot back--feet fairly wide apart. Choose one foot and hand combination and don't vary it. Your moves will be straight ahead at the right guard or toward either tackle most of the time. You are a power runner and blocker, so practice running with your legs slightly apart and get tough!!!

Position #2--on plays 11 Rollout and 41 Pitch you will move to a spot directly behind the right tackle--same stance--check the play on the playsheet.

C. Tailback--#4 Back (Vaughan, D. Golden, T. Golden)

Line up with your head on the LT's outside hip and 3 yards behind the ball--even with the fullback usually. Use a three point stance with your right foot back and your right hand down -feet about 12 inches apart, back level, head up. Practice this stance! You are primarily our outside and trap runner, so do plenty of sprinting before the season starts.

Position #2 -- on plays 11 rollout; and 41 Pitch you will move to a position directly behind the QB and Center---use the same stance--check the playsheet. Note that you will have to block on most pass plays, so toughen yourself up accordingly!