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Lake Ann

August, 2014

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Subject: 2015 Budget Request for Lake Ann Takedown: $11,000.
From: Tay Vaughan
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:28:00 -0400
Cc: Steve Dean
Larry Gates
Bill Gray
George Helz
Gary Loew
Helen Prince
Steve Swanson
Donna Wilson
Joan Thorp
Robert Ruhling
To: Jennie Stathis

Hello Jennie,

I'm happy to report that the Operations Advisory Committee held a = special meeting this afternoon regarding Lake Ann and has unanimously = arrived at a budget cost for breaching the lake's dam, which is in poor = condition. Draining the lake and removing the dam this year alleviates = the danger of serious downstream flooding and resultant siltation into = Governor's Run and the Bay in event of a catastrophic failure brought on = by heavy rains.

We propose for 2015 that the Community set aside $11,000.00 for the 2015 = Lake Ann takedown activity which will likely occur during the winter = and/or early spring months. To a construction fixed bid of $7500.00 = (simply to breach the dam and push the spoils aside with heavy = equipment) we have added a contingency to cover unexpected problems in = draining the lake as well as stabilization of the lake bottom and other = issues that may arise which are not covered in the construction bid.

Best regards,

Tay Vaughan
For the Operations Advisory Committee