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Marcia van Gemert


Professional: Medicine
Dr. van Gemert has a Ph.D. in pharmacology from indiana University. She is a member of the Society of Toxicology (Full Member) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Before joining the FDA in 1978, Marcia taught pharmacology at several prominent medical schools. At the FDA, she first worked as a toxicologist in the review of food animal additives, and then became a supervisor in FDA's Food Additives Toxicology Branch, remaining there six years to manage the review of toxicology studies. At the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs, she initially managed toxicology reviews as a first line supervisor, and then as a Branch Chief of the Toxicology Branch, a position she held eight years until her retirement from the EPA in 1995. Her experience includes data evaluation and protocol development for all types of mammalian toxicology studies.

Since 1995, Marcia has primarily focused on difficult regulatory issues in toxicology both in the USA and in other countries.
More Professional Medical History

Professional: Music
Studied in the High School Program at Julliard

Studied violin at Indiana School of Music- 1963-1966

Studied for a Masters in performance at Indiana University School of Music- 1974-1978

Principle Harpist- Galesburg Symphony- 1975-1978

Assistant Concertmaster- Peoria Symphony- 1975-1978

Richmond Symphony- 1981-1989

Concertmaster- Chamber Orchestra of Southern Maryland-1999-2003

Concertmaster- St Mary's Symphonia- 2003-2006

Soloist- New Rochelle Symphony; Amadeus Chamber Orchestra; St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; St. Mary's Symphonia

Marcia warming up with Rachel (2015):


Marcia playing Hayden with Brad and Rachael (2017):

Marcia playing The Swan with Jeff Bauer (2020):

Marcia plays the Harp (1970's):

Tournier #1:
Tournier #2:
Tournier #3:
Tournier #4:
Tournier #5:
Tournier #6:

Packing and moving from Appleton, Maine, September, 2011

At Camp: Tuxedo Park, NY, with Elizabeth Hunter Vaughan, July, 2012

At the beach, July, 2016

Marcia's chicken thighs in barbecue sauce