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The Mall

A Poem by Lizzy Vaughan
(February, 1997, Age 9)

I see all the hyper people buying stuff
I hear the disappointed shoppers talking about the prices
I smell the minty breath of the shoppers
I taste the peanut butter and sugar cookies in the window
I feel the money I can't bear to give away
I know I'll come back

Winning girl shares prize

OAKLAND -- Who says nobody you know ever wins a contest?
Certainly not friends of 6-year-old Elizabeth Vaughan of Oakland, who not only won a national contest but has decided to share her prize with three dozen pals. And the prize is a kid's dream come true: A $1000 private shopping spree at Kay-Bee Toys in Alameda. Her name was drawn from among thousands of entries in the national Sega/Sonic the Hedgehog "Watch & Win" Sweepstakes.

Kids from Corpus Christi Elementary will cruise the aisles Saturday and add up the totals of things they've selected. After all, it never hurts to sneak a little arithmetic in with the fun.

Front Page
Oakland Tribune, March 22, 1994.

Tay & Liz, Camden, Maine, 2010

Liz, Appleton, Maine, Spetember, 2011

Liz, Tuxedo Park, NY, July, 2012

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