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West Bath Historical Society, Maine

Map Man Gets Help from WBHS

May, 2007

There is a fellow from Appleton, Tay Vaughan, who is creating useful and unique street maps of all the towns in each Maine county, with a labor-intensive process involving GIS databases. So far he has published complete maps for Lincoln, Knox, Waldo - and soon, Sagadahoc counties. The books are oversized at 11 x 17 inches, and are printed on high quality paper. The covers are heavy glossy stock and the inside pages are printed in 4 color high resolution - a town street map to each page. In addition to a complete street reference guide, he fills any extra space on the map for each town with photos, anecdotal tidbits and relevant illustration.

Right now, Vaughan is working on finishing the map book for Sagadahoc County, and expects to wrap things up in the next couple of weeks. Copies should be available for sale in early summer.

In the course of his research for West Bath, Vaughan came across a copy of "Flossie's Ginger Cookies", complete with a brief history of Flossie, her cookies and her friends, on our Town website. That recipe, in turn, came from our very own Middle Ground (with credit to the WBHS, of course!). Vaughan then contacted us to see if we had any more interesting graphics. Indeed we did and Kerry Nelson helped him out. It seems he will be showcasing our special line drawing of the Old West Bath Meeting House.

So we have helped provide a real West Bath flavor to the Sagadahoc County Street Maps!